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Service cost varies on an individual basis depending upon time, distance, commitment needs and services requested. A free consultation by phone, Skype or in person will provide you with this information. Sliding scales are possible.


How to contact: Please contact me by phone or email at or 401 529-2020 Monday through Saturday during business hours.

Respect for all cultures, religious or secular beliefs and customs


Educating individuals, families and the public about their rights and choices in, during and after death.


The passing of a beloved (human or pet) should carry the same dignity and respect as it did while they were alive. My role is to support the wishes and assist in carrying them out as requested. 


It’s YOUR Life, YOUR Legacy, Your Choices! YOUR STORY!


Shakespeare said, “The final act crowns the play.”  How we want to be remembered and how we leave earth is important to think about before we die. Death, as seen in Buddhist and other traditions, especially the last moment of death, is considered to be the most important moment, even more than the time of birth. Thinking and planning ahead helps us to be more confident and at peace when the time arrives.


More people are returning to the way burial services occurred in the home environment before the 20th century without using a mortuary or embalming. Many people still do not know they have the right to refuse to be taken to a funeral home and that embalming is not necessary in most cases. Many do not know they have the right to return home for a viewing if they choose.


Preplanning ones burial gives you an opportunity to choose what YOU want and how you want it conveyed to your significant others. Options will be discussed and resources provided that you might like to think about while you are still able. 


More and more green burial “natural” sites and other green legacy options can also be discussed and explored. These options are not only eco-friendly but also less expensive, burdensome to family, invasive to our bodies and more intimate.


Home vigils, or wakes, whether with a closed or open viewing, are legal to have in one's own home after death in almost every state without a funeral director present.  You may however choose to partially use a licensed funeral director who can assist with various other services such as transportation and filing of paperwork, announcements, etc. Price shopping resource assistance will be provided as part of the consultation to assist in making some of these decisions.


We can also discuss body care and the ways in which a person will be kept cooled without intrusive embalming.


Whether you choose cremation, burial, or simply want to work on a memorial service without the body present, you don’t need a funeral home to arrange a meaningful memorial. You can decide who you want to assist and how you want your service and space decorated or not with flowers, colors, prayers, poetry, music, and favorite objects such as favorite photos and other artifacts that represent your life-style and personality. If you choose to be a body donor, e.g., to a medical school, you can still have a memorial service and plan ahead for this.

Please note: I am not an attorney, medical doctor, hospital chaplain or a licensed funeral director. Consequently, you will need to explore your own legal, medical care and other personal estate disposition options with trusted legal/medical/financial advisors. I can explore with you, inform and guide you to many of the resources that will help you to clarify the questions you may need or want to ask. 


Ann Porto, PsyD, MS is a retired clinical psychologist and geriatric neuropsychologist. I am currently Vice President on the board of the RI Funeral Consumers Alliance and I am a hospice volunteer, Buddhist-based meditation instructor, business owner of Sacred Soul Journs, LLC.


I am interested in promoting awareness of green burial but do not impose on other wishes.  I can offer information on eco-friendly burial products and services.


I have volunteered for the American Heart Association, RI Chapter of the Stroke Association and the palliative care subcommittee for the RI Partnership to Prevent Cancer in RI. I am a fundraiser for Friends of Maiti Nepal to prevent child sexual trafficking.


I have been ordained as a minister in a Mary Magdalene lineage of healers working with energy medicine practices and have a “qualified” status in Therapeutic Touch.  I attained a level two training in Reiki. I am authorized to anoint with essential oils in living and after death care. Over the years, I have attended practicums trainings, lectures, and conferences on hospice non-medical supportive care, palliative care, home vigils and end-of-life care. Trainings have been held in hospitals (Miriam in Providence), Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Center, with the Funeral Consumers Alliance and the National Home Funeral Alliance and I completed a practicum on home vigils in 2016 with Lee Webster, past president of the National Home Funeral Alliance. I am also a budding spiritual intuitive.

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