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Consultation, Comfort and Support Counseling Services to Assist with support and End-of-Life Decisions


Many years of service as a clinical psychologist and volunteer on numerous palliative care and other health committees and support groups. Dr Porto is a member on the board of the RI Funeral Consumers Alliance which assists the public in learning their rights and choices available for their end of life disposition. Dr Porto is skilled in assisting individuals and families with decisions and services to navigate before, during and after death occurs.  She is also an advocate in the “Green Burial” field.


What is Green Burial

The is an excellent website to learn about the different classifications of green burials. They advocate for green services and products that minimize the environmental impact of traditional burial services. While judgement is not passed on anyone for making more conventional burial or cremation choices, educating clients who wish to explore various options such as home vs funeral home vigils, burial without embalming fluids, and burial or cremation biodegradable urns or shrouds and other choices may be discussed as part of the transitioning process if the client wishes.  All faiths and cultural end of life choices are respected.

Costs for services vary depending upon the time commitment and degree of involvement requested. An initial consultation of one hour is free of charge and may be done in person or via Skype by appointment. Services may be partial from a few hours to several days of assistance in supporting compassionately and working very closely with the individual, family members, ministers, funeral directors and others.


What is The Living Urn?


With The Living Urn®, Life Continues...

The patent pending Living Urn® is America's first and leading Bio Urn & Planting System designed to grow a beautiful, enduring memory tree, plant, or flowers with cremated remains! Honor a loved one when they pass on and celebrate and commemorate all they’ve given us - the joy, the companionship, the love - and keep their memory present in our lives! Give back and grow a living memory with The Living Urn®...

How Does It Work?


The Living Urn® company has spent years working with leading soil scientists and arborists to develop the most advanced Bio Urn and Planting System on the market today. The patent pending Living Urn® is complex in its design, but it's simple and easy to use. Place your loved one's cremated remains in the BioUrn® and add our proprietary RootProtect™ ash neutralizing agent on top. Next, lower the tree seedling roots into the special BioUrn®, add the premium growth mix, and plant it in the ground. A beautiful, enduring living memorial will then grow up from the urn and the cremated remains to keep your loved one's memory present in your life!


*people and pet pricing is the same, S&H not included in price

Without Seeds or Seedlings  $110

Basic kit and urn.

With Seeds  $119 - $129

Composting ingredients are included.

With Seedlings  $135 - $150

This option is most convenient and highly recommended. Price varies depending upon which seedling is chosen. Choices for tree seeds or seedlings are based upon the zone of the burial and the season. 


A tree voucher code will be provided for each purchase unless one chooses to buy their own directly. Shipping and handling is approximately $7 - 10.00 depending upon location.

Call or email for purchase.

Download the complete PDF brochure by clicking the icon

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