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Meditation practice has been shown to be helpful with improving concentration, attention, creativity and with decreasing anxiety and depression.  There is a great deal of evidence to support that many physiological improvements occur with repeated practice even when one practices for a short time periods daily, e.g., 10-15 minutes per day.

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Sound Baths

Essentially this is a deeply restorative and relaxing meditative experience while enveloped in sounds generated.  Each instrument induces a different frequency that vibrates in your body and helps guide you to the meditative and restorative state.People come dressed very comfortably and usually they lie down in savasana yoga pose (on their backs, legs out straight with toes pointed outward and palms facing up) but some folks like to bring meditation cushions or zero point chairs to use if they cannot lie down on the ground.  The experience is usually one and a half to two hours.  People often choose to lie on a yoga mat and other props such as neck, head pillows and blankets. 

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Ann offers 1:1 and small group sessions by appointment as a medium to connect with and convey messages from those who have transitioned. These sessions are usually donation-based unless travel is involved.   

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