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In gratitude and deep reverence I have listed some of the organizations, teachers, healers, guides and mentors, who have contributed, guided and supported my personal, educational and spiritual journeys . 


May they be blessed and their work and kindness continue to benefit all beings.


“The Maries”:  Mother Mary, Sister of the Emerald Fire Light: Mary Magdalene


Jesus of the Infant of Prague emanation


Jesus Emanation of Lord of Esquipulas (The town of Chimayo in America, is outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico), where my husband received a miraculous healing on his torn rotator cuff which was instantly healed while there). Note: This site is considered, “the Lourdes of America”.


Book: de Borhegyi, Stephan F. (1956). The Miraculous Shrines of Our Lord of Esquipulas in Guatemala and Chimayo, New Mexico. Spanish Colonial Arts Society. (might be out-of-print)


Spiritual Guide known as “Sage” who came to me in a deep trance QHHT session



TT Learning and Practice Circle Leaders


Katherine Holden, MSW (Deceased)

Aloyse Hume (Deceased)



Other TT Teachers


Theodora Sophia Van Gelder Kunz (Dora Kunz) Author, Clairvoyant and gifted spiritual healer (Deceased)


Deloros Krieger, Ph.D., R.N. Professor Emerita (Dee Krieger) Founded Therapeutic Touch Foundation, Author, Researcher and Healer (Deceased)


Denise Coppa, Ph.D. RNP, FAANP, QTTTP, ( Past Mentor)


Sylvia Weber, MSN, CNP, QTTTP (Present Mentor)



Meditation Teachers


Cambridge Insight Center

Larry Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Attended a Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and silent meditation retreat.

Daniel Brown, Ph.D. (Meditation Instruction and for several years student and attendee to several levels of mahayana, mahamudra, dzogchen, and bon trainings. Dr. Brown was a mentor for many years and was the first teacher that gave me pointing out instructions to open up to awakened awareness)

Rahob Rinpoche Thupten Kalsang (Meditation Instruction)

H.E. Choeje Ayang Rinpoche (Phowa Instruction)  (Phowa Instruction)

Anyen Rinpoche

Shana l. Klinger, M.A.  (Meditation and Consultation)


Ordained 2016 by the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire (Temple of Sakkara) and The Sisterhood of the Maries (RI Chapter)


Elizabeth Desrochers, (Reiki Instructor 1 & 2), (Dowsing Instructor), Founder of the RI Sisterhood of the Maries (satellite of the Sakkara Temple Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire



Sound Healing Training

Tony Nec, Director


Tours to Sacred Sites and Workshops on Divine Feminine


Author and Speaker: Kathleen McGowan


Christian Pilgrimage


Author and Tour Guide Paula Lawlor



Mediumship Training


Certified Medium and Minister Jean Mandeville, M.Ed.

Founder of The Harmony Circle Spiritualist Church (at the same location as Blue Dragonfly Wellness Center)


Other Resources

Green Burial Advocate and Volunteer Board Member:


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