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Dr. Porto is a member of the Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA) and the RI TT Group.
Dr. Porto was mentored by Denise Coppa, Ph.D, QTTP, QTTT  for professional qualifying status and by Sylvia Weber, MSN, CNP, PCNS, QTTP, QTTT.
Dr. Porto has also practiced many years as a “laying-on of hands” healer and completed her doctoral dissertation on the topic of energy practices in l991 at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (Now William James College).
TT is an evidence-based holistic energy treatment approach.  In TT, health is viewed as the absence of energetic distortions, blockages, imbalances, congestions and misalignments that could prevent a healthy free-flow of energy.  Over time, these imbalances may cause physical and emotional problems potentially leading to illness. The healer attunes him or herself to that energy using the hands as sensors to balance and clear the healee's energy field.  TT works with "universal" energy.
However, in faith healing, the healer usually invokes a deity or spirit guide and offers his/her service as a conduit for the flow of deity energy.  Dr. Porto has been blessed over the years and has had many cases where the Infant of Prague, AKA the Christ child Jesus emanation facilitated healings.
Length of Treatment
Everyone's treatment is designed to fit the needs of each person.  However, generally a treatment can last a minimum of thirty minutes to one hour or more in length depending upon what is needed and what the client is seeking.  The increase in time is generally when the TT is combined with other modalities such as sound healing, hypnosis or guided meditation.

A person may lie down or sit as the client is most comfortable and does not disrobe.  It is recommended that comfortable loose fitting clothing is worn.  The intention, a critical piece of the healing process, is always for the greatest good of the healee.  In addition to directing energy through thought, the healer generally will pass their hands over the body from head to toe, front and back, holding them approximately between two to six inches from the skin.  This is done to assess the condition of the energy field.  The healer may use sweeping, pulsing, brushing and or smoothing movements with the hands and may or may not touch the body but permission is always requested and hand placement may be on the head, face, shoulders, hands and or feet.

The response to the treatment is influenced by several factors, such as how long the illness is in place, how much your symptoms interfere with your lifestyle, and your general health and nutritional status, among other things. TT is not intended to take the place of conventional medical or psychiatric treatment but can be helpful as an adjunct to traditional treatment.


Treatments usually consisting of TT coupled with sound healing, spiritual intuitive readings, guided visualization.

30 minutes      $45

45 minutes      $65

60 minutes     $95

90 minutes   $125


Call for a free consultation. 
Treatment packages are available.

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