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“Through the mediumship of Ann Porto, I received a very important detailed message from someone very special to me that has since crossed over. The message was very emotional and sincere, thanking me for all things done for him while he suffered and for things I did for him after his passing. These were facts that only I could understand to be authentic.  


I treasure these words until we meet again”.  - JL

“I was meditating in a sangha led by Dr. Porto.  At the completion of the session, she informed me that my mother had come forth very powerfully to her during the meditation. Dr. Porto described her countenance and strong personality with precision, despite never having met my Mom. My mother’s message was encouraging and expressed pride over my actions. I teared up when I heard this, as difficulties with a sibling were causing considerable distress and knowing that my Mom recognized that I was working hard to take the right path was very comforting”.   -PR 

"Who looks outside dreams, 

           who looks inside awakens"   ~ Carl Jung


Ann trained at the William James College (previously named Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) in Newton, MA. She completed her doctorate requirements in 1991 in clinical psychology with a specialization in neuropsychological evaluations.  


Ann has over 35 years of adult and geriatric clinical psychotherapy experience.  Prior to retirement, she was the President of Ann M. Porto, PsyD & Associates, inc, a group mental health practice employing many mental health therapist professionals over 28 years while at the Atwood Medical building in Johnston, RI.


As a clinical psychologist Ann specialized in PTSD trauma and death and dying supportive care.  She is trained in "Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing", (EMDR), a method to relieve the debilitating flash-backs and other debilitating effects of trauma.

As a neuropsychologist, she completed pre- and post-doctoral training specializing in the diagnosis of dementia and other neurological disorders.  Her training in neuropsychology was supervised by the psychiatry and neuropsychology staff affiliated with the Brown University Consortium in RI while interning at the Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, RI.  


Ann currently is trained as a Hope Health and Palliative Care hospice volunteer where she facilitates a general support oriented bereavement and guided meditation group.  She is also trained as a RI Disaster First Responder (Behavioral Health).  


Ann is an activist and has been a volunteer Board member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance

-RI where she and other board members give free-to-the public talks to educate and protect the rights of consumers. As part of her work with this group, she is a green burial advocate.  Ann is a member of the Green Burial Council.


As an ordained minister with an interest in caring for families and after death care of a loved one, she has taken attended programs and taken courses to assist families with home vigils and memorial services.  


As a meditation mentor, Ann has studied and practiced meditation since the late 1970's.  She has taken private students interested in learning concentration skills, relaxation/stress reduction with meditation and mindfulness-based practices. 

Ann has an ongoing commitment to learning and honing skills as a Buddhist-based meditation practitioner with her teachers', Daniel Brown, Ph.D. and Shana Lieberman-Klinger, MA.  As part of her training, Ann has attended silent retreats and many in-depth retreats and workshops with Dr. Brown in the Boston area as well as trainings in Toronto, Vermont and Denver with Tulku Rinpoches' Ayang and Anyen.  


As someone interested in assisting people who are transitioning to spirit, she has taken several phowa trainings (see the Resource Listings) with experienced Buddhist teachers well known for their training in this yogic practice working with the mind, body and breath and to help with transitioning before, during and even after death.  


Ann has led many groups such as meditation groups, sound baths and study groups at various yoga centers, rehabilitation sites, nursing facilities and currently meets by appointment at the Blue Dragonfly Wellness Center in North Kingstown, RI,

To augment the Therapeutic Touch, Reiki energy healing sessions and meditation groups, she has studied "sound healing".  Ann completed a certificate from the Sound Academy (Online mentored courses) with founder Tony Nec and one of his program mentors.  Ann works with her friend, Anthony Brogi performing Sound Baths as part of their alliance Sounds of Blessings. (see more information on that page on this site).  

She can be reached for individual appointment and group requests by appointment at her email address: or text number 401 529-2020. 

Mediumship Development & Readings: 


Dr. Porto has been studying as a spiritual intuitive medium currently with Jean Mandeville over the last two years.  Jean is a gifted teacher, energy healer and a certified medium, among many other talents.  Ann is working with her and the Spiritualist church, Harmony Circle of Spiritualists which Jean founded.  Ann is developing as one of the mediums that gives platform readings, guided meditation and laying-on of hands to attendees at the monthly services held at Blue Dragonfly Wellness Center.  (See Medium/testimonials on this page).​

"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be."

Patanjali - Indian Philosopher

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