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What is a Sound Bath?

Essentially this is a deeply restorative and relaxing meditative experience while enveloped in sounds generated.  Each instrument induces a different frequency that vibrates in your body and helps guide you to the meditative and restorative state.

People come dressed very comfortably and usually they lie down in savasana yoga pose (on their backs, legs out straight with toes pointed outward and palms facing up) but some folks like to bring meditation cushions or zero point chairs to use if they cannot lie down on the ground.  The experience is usually one and a half to two hours.  People often choose to lie on a yoga mat and other props such as neck, head pillows and blankets. 


What We Do


Ann and her partner, Anthony Brogi perform sound baths coupled with a guided meditation that works with your specified request and or the theme of the event.  Ann and Anthony work together intuitively as well as with the energy in the room. 

We ask that, if possible, people bring their own blankets, yoga mats and any props that make them feel super comfy.  We supply water bottles. 


Preparing the Space


We prepare the environment before (usually it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to set up) the sound bath event to clear any possibility of negativity and cleanse the space with gentle essential oils and then we do a blessing prayer for highest good for the event participants.  Anthony and or Ann will place the Reiki symbols into the space while people are there. 


Extras Included


When the group is small in size, with the permission of the participant, healing touch on the shoulders, hands and tuning fork vibration on the feet.


Event Readings


On special occasions, sometimes, spirits show-up during events and Ann will share messages from departed loved ones.  and she will share them if the participants are open to receiving them, after the sound session is ended. 

We play the crystal and Tibetan/Nepal singing bowls, gong, chimes, drum and other instruments on evenings when there is a full moon or new moon. 

We do this because we feel the yin (feminine) light energy coupled with the instruments has special therapeutic vibratory effects on our bodies and mind. 

Essentially the sound bath instruments are producing particular combinations of rhythms and frequencies. The word “entrainment” is important here because through the production of these sounds synchronization of a rhythm conserves energy and calms the brain waves, heart rate, and respiration.

It is possible to shift brainwaves from our normal beta state (alert, analytical thinking and reactive mind) to alpha (creative, relaxed), theta (meditative state) and delta (deep sleep; where restorative healing can occur). People often tell us that they experience a positive time warp in that the time spent listening to the instruments went so fast and they were so relaxed that they don’t want the session to end.  People report often afterwards to us that they sleep better after the sound bath as the mind and body was still deeply relaxed at bedtime.

Lastly, while the majority of folks find it a relaxing experience, sometimes we hear that some people find sound baths challenging too. The reason is resistance usually. Because the sound can entrain to a healthier vibration within the body and mind,  It can, release old patterns of discordant energy no longer useful. This releasing can cause the energy to flow differently and for some this may be met with some resistance much like when we learn to use muscles that are weak for the first time.  When we hold that pose or exercise posture, our body can shake or experience other sensation. This is one of the reasons we do a guided meditation before the sound bath begins. We do it to ground and open to feeling safe in the present moment with the use of the breath and visualization and relaxed. This often lessens or even extension any unconsciously held resistance. And for some, during the sound bath, maybe for a short time, as you work to clear your mind. But as long as you try to focus on the sounds, your breath, and being present, you will likely experience some level of relaxation, even if you don't reach a meditative state.


How to Contact Us to Discuss Performance Arrangements:

We hope that you will allow us to perform a sound bath meditation for you and your friends, family and or clients when we are invited to your wellness center, school, hospital, nursing home, rehab facility, employee wellness program or other venue to bring the sounds of blessings to your clients. We are happy to come to homes as well. 

We are happy to meet in person to talk with you and we are open to discussing travel outside of RI to Massachusetts and Connecticut. We can meet by Zoom, FaceTime or Skype too. 

Please call or text Ann at 401 529-2020 or Ann/Anthony on our Facebook page at Sounds of Blessings.


You may check our performance schedule also:

Depending on where and what type of venue you have in mind determines cost but if it is in a yoga center, we have a suggested cost per participant between $25-$30 with a discount of $5.00 for prepaid preregistration. No refunds are given unless the event has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, other emergencies, etc. We expect our host will receive a portion of the monies collected for efforts to sponsor and promote attendance. 


STAY TUNED (Literally) :


We hope to have a short video soon produced so that you might get a taste of how Anthony and I perform. Please remember that each performance is different as we tailor them to each specific event, including the meditation which I link to the astrological configurations, time of performance, energy of the people and other factors. Namaste!

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